FINNOVATORS Podcast is Live

The digital asset economy is a fundamental reimagining of the global financial system.

Global financial institutions are betting on digital assets. Brilliant innovators are developing powerful protocols that automate sophisticated financial transactions. To understand what drives the powerhouses behind the DeFi revolution and track the critical developments in the continuum of optimizing financial logistics, Securrency presents its new podcast, FINNOVATORS.

Tune in for fascinating conversations with tech founders, finance wizzes, and legal experts from all around the world about decentralized finance, current events, and innovation opportunities. Get inspired by a future that is programmable, internet-native, sustainable, and accessible to all.

Hosted by Securrency’s Director of Innovation Strategy, Manuel Rensink, the first episode of FINNOVATORS is now live!

In the inaugural episode, Manuel speaks to Securrency CEO Dan Doney about everything from institutional DeFi, self-processing financial instruments, the ontology of finance, some of Dan’s favorite people and projects in the digital assets space, and what winning looks like for Securrency.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify here.

Available wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe to FINNOVATORS on Spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher, Amazon, so you don’t miss out on any upcoming episodes.



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