Securrency Appoints Bill Ashlock as Chief Technology Officer

By Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency

Securrency has been actively expanding its leadership team and, on behalf of our amazing team at Securrency, I’m excited to announce the appointment of Bill Ashlock to the critical role of Chief Technology Officer.

Bill not only brings decades of experience in banking systems, crypto-token payment exchange and clearing ecosystems, and digital transformation, but also has an extensive track record of transforming the teams with whom he works into self-motivated and highly efficient units. His teams are characterized by their diversity, engagement, and ability to collaborate both by using data as the foundation and through honest and genuine personal engagement.

Bill’s own words demonstrate the thoughtful, human-centric approach he takes to leadership: “Taking on the role of Securrency’s first CTO taps virtually every life experience I have had to date. I’m honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to work with such a culturally-diverse and high-powered team of engineers, and I take very seriously my responsibility to unlock the full potential of this team while ensuring that each member is individually fulfilled as a professional and as a truly valued person. To achieve that mission, I know that I will be required to apply the experience and lessons I
have gleaned from working in multiple world-class institutions, building and developing capabilities large and small, collaborating through alliances and joint ventures, and leading multicultural environments. It can be challenging, but it is also exhilarating, and it comes with a smile!”

Prior to joining Securrency, Bill served as CTO at Anglo Gulf-Trade Bank, where he delivered in just six months an internationally-recognized technology solution (Industry Review) hosted entirely on Microsoft Cloud. Think about that — in just six short months Bill and his team built the world’s first digitally-enabled, data-driven trade bank with a 100% modular cloud stack, single version of truth, and integrated service bus leveraging configured COTS applications. This superhero feat earned him the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award.

Bill’s experience in the institutional financial services space runs deep and is exactly what we sought for Securrency. For example, he served as Global Head Payment and Cash Operations at ANZ Bank, where he helped integrate its operations across 33 countries, while lowering costs by 28% and increasing STP by 30%. And while at Citi, Bill oversaw the creation of a revolutionary pricing framework for securities and asset servicing, which resulted in an 18% increase in profits. In executing this, Bill was also able to transform his team by increasing execution 53-fold, increasing productivity by 40%, and reducing staff turnover by 10%, which earned him the Chairman Award.

We are fortunate to now call Bill a colleague and to be able to bring his leadership to bear on the hard problems we are solving for our partners, customers, and the financial services industry as a whole. I know that, under Bill’s leadership, our world-class technology development team will be in great hands as we continue our mission to be innovation leaders, to transform the global financial markets, and to herald positive global change through economic freedom.

And one more thing: Securrency is actively recruiting the best and brightest engineers from around the world for a variety of roles. If you think you have what it takes and you want to be a key player on a team that is driving innovation in the blockchain and digital assets space, please see our Careers page or drop us a note at



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