Securrency’s New Visual Identity

By Dan Doney, Founder & CEO

Since our founding in 2015, we have been on an extraordinary journey. In just six years, things that seemed infeasible in the world of finance have become commonplace. We have continuously worked towards our vision of building a financial ecosystem that’s frictionless, borderless, decentralized, and most importantly, freeing for all. We have worked to free up access to finance across regulatory jurisdictions and unlock value that is trapped in regulatory and institutional silos. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology to automate compliance and streamline financial transactions, we have made great strides in our journey to interconnect markets with open, universal, and interoperable infrastructure.

The Securrency team is growing with international offices and a team hailing from over 30 countries. Our strategic partnerships are expanding and strengthening. Our predictions for the rapid growth of the compliant digital assets space are increasingly being fulfilled on a global stage. At this juncture in the Securrency journey, we believe that it is the perfect opportunity to visually express our optimism and vision for the new open and decentralized global financial network.

In this spirit, we are thrilled to reveal our new brand identity. Our evolved logo is the foundation of our new visual identity, and the logo’s design was a very purposeful decision. Despite our affection for our old logo, we wanted a mark that better reflects where Securrency is going and what Securrency is bringing to the world of finance.

The hexagon core of our logo represents our compliance core that brings responsibility to this space, as well as a digital token with infinite possibilities. By harnessing compliance to the power of blockchain technology, Securrency enables infinite opportunities for real-world value creation. The automation of business logic, compliance, and network interoperability makes it easier to provide access to investment opportunities that reach investors previously deemed too difficult or not cost effective to reach. Our mission has always been to provide financial freedom to all — empowering strategic partners, clients, and individuals across the world. Securrency is building a new open paradigm where these opportunities are available to all, not just an elite few.

The S wrapping around the hexagon represents the ecosystem Securrency is building to enable and protect this token and the different communities we are bringing together — institutional finance and DeFi, regulators and innovators, compliance and decentralization. Our digital assets market infrastructure, with compliant capabilities as its foundation, allows for rapid and responsible innovation. Securrency technology provides institutions the freedom to innovate, innovators the freedom to create responsibly, and regulators the freedom to say “yes” to innovation while preserving privacy.

And finally, our new colors, the varying hues of green, are a nod to the industry’s history and to the future we will help shape. The future is here, and Securrency is helping businesses meet it. Securrency is laying down the transactional and compliance rails on which all future value will move efficiently to connect markets, enhance liquidity, and expand global access to capital and finance.

The design of our new website also mirrors our new brand image. Gone is the dark palette of the past and in its place, is a fresh, bright, modern look. In addition, we enhanced the user experience of the website and made it easier to find information most important to our users, partners, and prospective clients.

Our new look has been developed to reflect the changing realities in the world of finance, and we look forward to building on this with our upcoming product launches.

Stay tuned to for all the latest updates at what is an extremely exciting time for our company.



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